ESOC 2019 - Timing is everything

The European Stroke Organisation Conference took place from 22nd – 24th May 2019, in Milan, Italy. Follow the links below to view the webcasts of the presentations held during the Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored satellite symposium, entitled, “2020 vision of acute ischaemic stroke reperfusion: Timing is everything"

Welcome & introduction
Danilo Toni
Contemporary evidence to help close the
gap between uptake of thrombolysis
and patient eligibility
Kennedy Lees
Effective organisation and comparison
of stroke networks around the world –
experience from Helsinki and Melbourne
Atte Meretoja
When location is a challenge:
how to successfully implement telemedicine
Gisele Sampaio Silva
Time stops for no one: are we any closer
to reaching the 20/20/20 objective?
Robert Mikulík
Summary & conclusion
Sheila Martins