Actilyse® reconstitution

Actilyse® reconstitution video

Actilyse® (alteplase or recombinant tissue plasminogen activator, rt-PA), is the only recommended intravenous thrombolytic for the treatment of an acute ischaemic stroke. This section contains information about Actilyse®, its mode of action, product profile, instructions on administration and prescribing information.

Actilyse® is a fibrinolytic, or thrombolytic agent designed to dissolve the occlusive blood clots (thrombi) that can form in coronary and cerebral blood vessels. Such blood clots, by obstructing the flow of oxygenated blood, can cause tissue necrosis resulting in death or severe morbidity. Actilyse® acts to dissolve clots allowing blood flow to resume.

Actilyse® is indicated for thrombolytic treatment in the following conditions:

  • Acute ischaemic stroke
  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Acute massive pulmonary embolism